Welcome to The Manor at Greasby

A stylish yet comfortable restaurant in the heart of Greasby, Wirral.

The Manor is a 17th century building in the village of Greasby, Wirral, with Grade II listed status. Bearing a date-stone of 1680 attributing the building to a Joseph and Mary Warton, the site has a storied local history, serving as a farmhouse for many years and, in the years to follow, known to the local community as a bank and then a restaurant. What little we know of the people associated with the Manor in its long history is visible in the building’s date-stones, one of which sits upon the newly-reinvigorated wedding barn with an ode to “J” and “E.” These initials, united by a heart, allude to the remarriage of Joseph Warton to an Ellen Bethell in 1695.

The Manor is set within an area which boasts its own rich heritage. Greasby is the site of Merseyside’s earliest recorded human settlement, with excavated stone tools dating back to approximately 8500BC. The Wirral village has since been home to many characters of centuries past, from the Celtic Cornavii tribe to Saxons, Vikings and even the Romans. By the turn of the 20th century, Greasby was a small agricultural village with a population of just 290 residents. Today, the Wirral village is home to over 10000 inhabitants, and the re-imagined Manor begins its next chapter as part of the family-run Nelson Hotels & Inns collection, serving as a stylish yet inviting restaurant and luxury wedding and events barn in which residents from Greasby and beyond can enjoy quality drinking and dining in an upscale and welcoming setting.



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